The “Lingenfelter” Camaro

2 min readMar 8, 2022

Already with a vendor dude who has a real-world twin in spirit…

A Short Story

Originally this was a “Big Time Muscle” RC picked up from either Wal-Mart or Target early on. The platform was fun to explore for painting purposes, but they definitely weren’t that good for modification. Simple to play with, simple to take apart, sky’s the limit, right?

To drop it down to pavement scrape, bagged and brutal look with some juice, I might have to change a few things about the power. Some cutting. Some re-wiring. Overall it works okay, as long as you don’t mind taking the body off to change the batteries. It was in the spirit of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, a company and tradition I’ve admired for years. My buddy who got me out of a few jams? His blue Camaro? Lingenfelter cam and more!

Instead of a 4.x volt battery, how about something stronger?

For the body, I went to town experimenting with my Dremel, wire cutters, razor blades and still had much to learn. Fortunately no scars from this one. Eventually I got a carbide pen and it is worth every bit.

It was very fun to re-purpose some chrome engine bits from scale model car kits to give this Camaro its own look. Not sure I did the best job on the front-mount intercooler, but it works. I can assure you, the next time I show you carving on cars, it’s going to look a lot better but I had to start somewhere!




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