Radio Shack Ferrari F40 RestoMod

3 min readJan 24, 2022


When in doubt, paint it black — the first one for sale from the collection…(Updated)

Meet the F40

The back-story of how these projects came to be, at least for now, is pretty repetitive. Found this Radio Shack Ferrari F40, untested, and for $13 I won the auction on ShopGoodwill paid out the nose for handling + shipping for a total of $37. The body and frame looked pretty choice!

Vintage Box — Excitement in store!
Welcome to the fold…

Exploration of Electronics

From the initial clam-shell opening, the body looked great. The electronics also looked good, but who knows if it took a swim. The reasons things get donated are not for me to wonder about, because if I did, I’d go cray-cray.

There was much cleaning. Then testing by re-soldering connections. The car and remote wouldn’t come back to life. Now what? RestoMod time.

The RestoMod F40 Adventure

A while ago I saw an episode of Gas Monkey Garage featuring a wrecked F40 they went with black in the final paint choice. First I’d tried Yellow, as some pics will show (like the banner of this site) and then I messed it up. Way to go me, right?

Bad ideas are like mosquitoes, when they bite nothing good happens after

Fortunately, Black is Beautiful.

For Sale for the First Time

So I have lots of contact methods available — you can use this site, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or email to gmail and I will do my best to respond. A post is coming up about my Community contact and networking desires to better describe the long-term outlook and credit for some amazing inspiration…but for now, this is the first RCRestoMod for sale!

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